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General Information

Handi-Transit Service is for passengers with disabilities who cannot use the regular Transit service.

Service provides:

  1. Door-to-door transportation within the City of Brandon;
  2. To and from accessible building entrances;
  3. Call back service for medical appointments only;
  4. 24 hour message service for cancellations.

Who is Eligible?

Handi client:

  1. Requires a mobility device to perform normal daily tasks;
  2. Is unable to read information signs (ie: vision in better eye after best correction is 20/200 or less);
  3. Is unable to step up or down a 40 cm (16 inch) step;
  4. Is unable to walk 200 m (660 feet) from home/destination unassisted.

All clients must submit a completed application form signed by your Medical Doctor. Incomplete Forms will be RETURNED WITHOUT PROCESSING

Booking a Trip is as Easy as 1 - 2 - 3!

Call 204-729-2437 (Mon to Fri 6:30am to 4:30pm) Leave message after 5PM for next day call back.

Give your name, destination and requested trip time to the dispatcher. Don’t forget to book a return trip at this time as well!

Confirm and write down the times given by the Dispatcher REMEMBER! Please be ready at least 15 minutes prior to your requested pick up time at the correct location

Fare Schedule

$4.00 per ride (One Way)

10 ride Smart Cards - $40.00

Hours of Service

Monday to Saturday – 6am to 12am

Sunday/Stat – 8am-8pm

Dispatch Office: Trip Booking hours

Monday to Friday – 6:30am to 4:30pm

Please Note: Handi-Transit is not a substitute for Emergency or Ambulance services.