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Home Economics and/or Industrial Arts Transit Pass (conditions of use)

 *Please note as of March 4, 2019 Route 16 & 19 will not longer operate. 

From Betty Gibson

PDF Betty Gibson to Earl Oxford

PDF Betty Gibson to Harrison

PDF Betty Gibson to Riverheights

From Christian Heritage

PDF Christian Heritage to Earl Oxford

PDF Christian Heritage to Riverheightss

From Earl Oxford

PDF Earl Oxford to Harrison

PDF Earl Oxford to Riverheights

From George Fitton

PDF George Fitton to Earl Oxford

PDF George Fitton to Riverheights

From Green Acres

PDF Green Acres to Earl Oxford

PDF Green Acres to Harrison

From Harrison

PDF Harrison to Earl Oxford

PDF Harrison to Riverheights

From J.R. Reid

PDF J.R. Reid to Earl Oxford

PDF J.R. Reid to Riverheights

From King George

PDF King George to Earl Oxford

PDF King George to Harrison

PDF King George to Riverheights

From Kirkcaldy Heights

PDF Kirkcaldy Heights to Earl Oxford

PDF Kirkcaldy Heights to Harrison

PDF Kirkcaldy Heights to Riverheights

From Linden Lanes

PDF Linden Lanes to Earl Oxford

PDF Linden Lanes to Riverheights

From Meadows

PDF Meadows to Earl Oxford

PDF Meadows to Harrison

PDF Meadows to Riverheights

From New Era

PDF New Era to Earl Oxford

PDF New Era to Harrison

PDF New Era to Riverheights

From Riverheights

PDF Riverheights to Earl Oxford

PDF Riverheights to Harrison

From St. Augustine

PDF St. Augustine to Earl Oxford

PDF St. Augustine to Harrison

PDF St. Augustine to Riverheights

From Waverly Park

PDF Waverly Park to Earl Oxford

PDF Waverly Park to Harrison

PDF Waverly Park to Riverheights

From Valleyview

PDF Vallevyview to Riverheights