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Customers have the option to register their SMART card when it is purchased or at a later date. Options for registering SMART card:

  • Brandon Transit website: complete and submit an online registration form. Registration form
  • Paper form: non registered card already obtained - pick up a paper form from Transit Sales Office, complete and return the registration form.

Registration Information - customers are required to provide the following information on the paper registration form:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Primary Phone Number
  • Card Serial Number

» Card particulars

Activating the SMART card

  • Tap on at the farebox. First ride initiates the 30-day pass time frame or 10 Ride Pass.

Reloading Convenience

  • Brandon Transit Information Centre
  • City Hall
  • Sobeys - West End
  • Sobeys Extra - South End
  • Safeway
  • On-board the bus with exact cash only (Access or Conventional)

Using the SMART Card

  • Cardholders must validate each ride by tapping their card on a Brandon Transit farebox to begin their trip. Customer taps with 10 ride card to deduct one ride, and to initiate or verify a 30 day pass window.
  • Please note 10 ride cards do not expire.

Anti-Passback Rule

  • SMART cards (period passes, i.e. - 30 day pass) cannot be used for fare payment more than once on the same device within a defined period.


» Fare Payment Scenarios


Fare Payment Scenario If Then
10-ride or 30-day pass purchased at Information Centre & Sales Outlets Cardholder is required to tap on farebox the next time boarding the bus
10-ride or 30-day pass re-load at Information Centre Cardholder is required to tap on farebox the next time boarding the bus
10-ride or 30-day change Cardholder is required to deplete card if a change is requested or desired (eg: 30 day to 10 ride or vice versa)
10-ride pass re-load On-board bus Cardholder is required to tap on farebox


» Other Information

Card Concerns

There are 4 possible SMART card issues

  • Lost
  • Stolen
  • Damaged
  • Defective

SMART Card Errors

Potential reasons for error messages on the farebox during tap include:

  • Card is blocked in the system because it was reported lost or stolen
  • Card is damaged or defective and cannot be read by the device
  • Card expired or depleted

Lost, Stolen or Damaged SMART Card

Registered cardholders can report a card as lost, stolen or damaged at the Brandon Transit Information Centre. Once reported, the card is blocked from further use. This will take place on or before the next business day. Cardholders must pay a $3.50 replacement fee for a new card.

SMART Card Liability

  • It can take up to 24 hours for the card to be blocked. Once this happens, the card becomes invalid the next time it is presented to the farebox.
  • During this 24 hour period, cardholders are responsible for any transactions that occur on their SMART card.

Damaged vs. Defective SMART Card


  • SMART card has been physically damaged
  • Cardholder must pay a $3.50 replacement fee for new card


  • SMART card has a manufacturing flaw
  • Cardholder is entitled to a free replacement card

A SMART card is considered defective when it:

  • Shows no visual damage
  • Cannot be queried on the card reader
  • Is worn

Reporting SMART Card Issues

  • When a SMART card issue is reported, the card should be added to the hotlist if it is registered so that it becomes blocked the next time it is presented to a device.
  • It is important for registered cardholders to report SMART card issues for the following reasons:
    • Decrease the chance of fraud
    • Protect privacy

Replacing a SMART Card

  • Registered cardholders can request a replacement card at the Brandon Transit Information Centre (new card can be received immediately).
  • Registered cardholders can have their information and balance transferred to the new card obtained at the Information Centre.
  • Non registered cardholders are not eligible to have any information transferred from the old card to the new card. They can only purchase a new SMART card (fee may be applicable)